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Bob Perez 142

Angel "Bob" Perez
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Angel “Bob” Perez of Maplewood, NJ was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV) during its Annual Business Meeting held June 18, 2016 at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth, NJ. He will begin his term as Chairman July 1, 2016.

Inspired by his wife’s journey through corneal transplantation, Mr. Perez joined LEBDV’s Board of Trustees in 2009. At 30 years old, Mrs. Perez was diagnosed with Fuch’s Cornea Dystrophy.  She was told there was no cure and that her condition would worsen causing discomfort and eventually loss of sight.  As her vision continued to deteriorate her daily activities became a struggle.

Mrs. Perez eventually lost all vision in her left eye and her right eye was also failing. “It was a very scary time for our family,” remembered Mr. Perez. Because of LEBDV, skilled surgeons at Wills Eye Hospital and a family who selflessly chose to donate their loved one’s corneas, Mrs. Perez had two successful cornea transplants that ultimately saved her sight.

“I think about how wonderful things worked out for my family. I am able to see the total outcome of this sight-restoring surgery and it goes far beyond me,” says Mr. Perez. “LEBDV facilitates in giving a second chance of sight to individuals every day. These miracles can happen at home, next door and around the world.”

Jim Quirk

Jim Quirk, B.S., CEBT
President/Chief Executive Officer

Jim Quirk began his eye banking career as the Technical Operations Manager at the Medical Eye Bank of Delaware, which subsequently merged with the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley (LEBDV). At LEBDV, he has also held the positions of Quality Assurance Director and Serology Lab Supervisor. He was appointed by Delaware’s Governor to serve as a member of the state’s Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Board. He was also an appointed member of the Pennsylvania Organ Donation Advisory Committee to the Governor and a member of New Jersey’s Coalition on Donation. Jim serves as Co-Chairman of EBAA’s Accreditation Board and also serves on the Board of Director's Executive Committee and Finance Committee.

Bob Lytle

Bob Lytle, CEBT
Technical Director

Robert Lytle joined the Eye Bank as a full-time recovery technician in 1988. He previously worked in social work and pharmaceutical sales. Bob has been the Eye Bank’s Technical Director for 20 years. He has helped guide the Eye Bank through expansion to include, most recently, the provision of partial thickness corneal tissue for application in an enhanced transplant procedure called DSAEK (Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty.) He has coordinated several international humanitarian missions to provide eye services to those unable to access care. Since 2008, through the efforts of his department, 12 Eye Banks have provided tissue to volunteer ophthalmic surgeons who travelled internationally to bring improved vision to underserved populations. Bob has participated in research studies and the development of scientific papers with the University of Pennsylvania and Wills Eye Institute. He also served on the Exam Committee of the Eye Bank Association of America. A native of Maryland, Bob graduated college in the United Kingdom.

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